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The Female Charlie Chan, Ross Hart Resurrected & Suspect #1 (Part 1)

Ship records can provide fascinating information about someone from the past.   Examining passenger lists can also give you interesting information about your subject’s traveling companions — who was single and who was married, if they were traveling with spouses … Continue reading

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Back to the Search: Dedications, Obituaries & Live Voices

A good mystery author is always hiding clues for readers.  Juanita Sheridan’s book dedications are cryptic clues to various passages in her life.  A couple of these dedications are still mysteries to me, but I have figured out a few:  The … Continue reading

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Angie Tudor, Animation & Anna May Wong

What do all three have in common? No, not the letters AN.  It’s  JUANITA SHERIDAN! Angie Tudor is the Chinese female lead in Sheridan’s first novel WHAT DARK SECRET co-written in Hawaii with the Michigan transplant dentist Dorothy Dudley.  In … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name? or Robin’s Rules of Research Part I

How do you track down the real life inspirations for a fictional character from a book written over 60 years ago?  I decided to start by finding out more about Lily Wu’s creator Juanita Sheridan.  If I knew more about … Continue reading

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What’s the big deal about a Chinese woman in a mystery novel anyway? Growing up in 1960s Hawaii I was one of those avid readers who would borrow my limit from the library every week and read books under the … Continue reading

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The Source

Tom and Enid Schantz are the heroic couple who formed Rue Morgue Press and brought Juanita Sheridan’s books (and Lily Wu) back to life.  According to the back jacket copy of the reissued paperback version of THE CHINESE CHOP, Sheridan’s … Continue reading

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